Silbo Gomero Coursebook
1989 © J.Brent

Table of Contents
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Chapter A
"estar"; personal pronouns

greetings; geographic features
Conversation A
Mini-Conversations A
Vocabulary A

Chapter B
"tener"; demonstratives; possessives
animals; family members
Conversation B

Mini-Conversations B
Vocabulary B

Chapter C
"Hay"; quantatives
professions; tools; elements
Conversation C

Mini-Conversations C
Vocabulary C

Chapter D
"poder"; "necesitar"; "tener que"
common verbs; days; more adjectives
Conversation D

Mini-Conversations D
Vocabulary D

Chapter E
"deber"; "querer"; "gustar"
illness; food
Conversation E

Mini-Conversations E
Vocabulary E

Chapter F
"Ir"; present continuous
Conversation F

Mini-Conversations F
Vocabulary F

Chapter G
"usar"; "ayudar"; "nevar"; "dormir"
"jugar"; seasons

Conversation G

Vocabulary G

Chapter H
"vender"; "comer"; "quedarse"
imperatives; weather; food
Conversation H

Mini-Conversations H
Vocabulary H

Chapter J
simple past of "ser" & "estar", etc.
more adjectives
Conversation J
Mini-Conversations J
Vocabulary J

Chapter K
simple past of "tener", "hacer","comer", etc.
meals; instruments
Conversation K
Mini-Conversations K
Vocabulary K

Chapter L
simple future
buildings; machines
Conversation L
Mini-Conversations L
Vocabulary L

Chapter M
comparatives; superlatives
possesive adjectives & pronouns
Conversation M
Mini-Conversations M
Vocabulary M

Chapter N
"tan ... como"; imperfect of "haber"
household items
Conversation N
Mini-Conversations N
Vocabulary N

Chapter P
simple past of "poder" & "tener"
imperfect of "tener", "estar" & "querer"
Conversation P
Mini-Conversations P
Vocabulary P

Chapter Q
past continuous
imperfect of "soler"
Conversation Q
Mini-Conversations Q
Vocabulary Q

Chapter R
present perfect
people; moral qualities
Conversation R
Mini-Conversations R
Vocabulary R

Chapter S
simple future
future perfect
Conversation S
Mini-Conversations S
Vocabulary S

Chapter T
relative pronouns
colors; professions
Conversation T
Mini-Conversations T
Vocabulary T

Chapter U
conditional with subjunctive
family members; compass points
Conversation U
Mini-Conversations U
Vocabulary U

Chapter V
past perfect
Conversation V
Mini-Conversations V
Vocabulary V

Chapter W
past conditional, perfect conditional
Conversation W
Mini-Conversations W
Vocabulary W

Chapter X
more conditionals with subjunctives

Conversation X

Mini-Conversations X
Vocabulary X

Chapter Y
imperatives & reflexive imperatives
body parts
Conversation Y
Mini-Conversations Y
Vocabulary Y

Chapter Z
meetings; social formulas; time
Conversation Z
Mini-Conversations Z
Vocabulary Z

[B] [C] [D] [E] [F] [G] [H] [I] [J] [K] [L] [M]
[N] [O] [P] [Q] [R] [S] [T] [U] [V] [W] [X] [Y] [Z]

Special Chapters

Chapter O
Greeting Card Greetings

Chapter I
Compilation of Silbo Gomero whistled phrases in the filmscript
"SILBO GOMERO: Gomera's Whistling Language" (J.Brent©1990)

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