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The Whistled Language of La Gomera

On Site Links

1. Compilation of Selected References to the
Silbo Gomero Whistling Language

Bibliographies of References to Silbo Gomero (English)

2. SILBO GOMERO: Gomera's Whistling Language
A Filmscript by J.Brent
The accurate dramatization of the most important historical events
in the Gomerans' colorful past

3. Silbo Gomero Coursebook
Designed to be recorded and converted to graphics (Spanish)

4. A Silbo Gomero conversation audio file (mp3 - 57 sec)
An audio file of two Gomerans conversing via whistles

5. pconcan_Silbo_Gomero.pdf
The definitive work on the subject, as well as a full blown instructional curriculum
.pdf format (Spanish)

6. wlanguages.pdf
Same as #14 below (English)

7. julien/Meyer2005.pdf
Dr. Julien Meyer's "Description typologique et intelligibilité des langues sifflées, approche linguistique et bioacoustique". Ph.D thesis (French) 258 pp
In .pdf format

8. Meyer-English.pdf
Dr. Meyer's "Typology and intelligibility of whistled languages: linguistic and bioacoustic approach". (English) 26 pp
In .pdf format

9. InterspeechWhistledJulienMeyer.pdf
Dr. Meyer's "Whistled speech: a natural phonetic description of languages adapted to human perception and to the natural environment."
Proceedings of Interspeech 2005, Lisboa
. (English) 4 pp
In .pdf format

Off Site Links

The web's most accurate reference to the Silbo Gomero (English)

French site dealing with whistled languages around the world
(French, Spanish, English) Meyer, J.

"Typology and intelligibillity of whistled languages" by J.Meyer

The Spanish government's official Silbo Gomero website (Spanish)

A scientific treatise on the mechanics of the Silbo Gomero
Available free in its entirety here in .pdf format (English)

The University of La Laguna's dept of Neuroscience and Technology's page
(Spanish, English, French)

Tourist site for the island of La Gomera (Multi-Lingual)

A site in both Spanish and French

Dr. Ramón Trujillo's profile on the "Academia Canaria de la Lengua" site

"Bioacoustics of human whistled languages: an alternative approach to the cognitive processes of language". Acad. Bras. Ciênc., vol 76, issue 2, p.406-412. (2004 J.Meyer)

UNESCO designated the Silbo Gomero as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Invite your friends to this facebook group in order to secure the further preservation of this beautiful language.

Die UNO hat El Silbo auf die Liste der zu schützenden Weltkulturgüter gesetzt und die Inselregierung hat beschlossen, bei der UNESCO zu beantragen, El Silbo zum Weltkulturerbe zu machen.

Aquí tiene varios vídeos sobre el lenguaje silbado de La Gomera. También puede una película de 20 minutos aprox. sobre el Silbo en la página Película de esta misma Web.

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