The GF-representation™
Software Package Description
1987 J.Brent

GF-representation logo 1987

GF-representation of a whistled word



a) GF-representation trademark symbol
b) GF-interactive staff
c) time signatures
d) & e) examples of Volume to Color conversion amplitude              envelopes
f) Scroll Print (1 track resolution)
g) zig-zag Print (2 x 2 resolution)
h), j) & k) descending chromatic scale on G staff in one track
                 resolution with piano-style amplitude envelopes
m), n) & p) ascending chromatic scale F staff in one track>
                   resolution with piano-style amplitude envelopes
q) polyphonic example in 4 x 2 Scroll Print
r) 16 measures of G non-interactive staff in zig-zag Print
    (4x4 resolution)
s) 8 measures of GF-interactive staff in zig-zag Print
    (4x4 resolution)
t) vu meters


Brief description of software package 1
Definitions of Terms 2
PLAYBACK mode 10
Tempo 14
WRITE mode 17
memories 21
LPVP and peripherals 22
Notation 32
EDIT mode 39
Pitch 44
Duration 49
Volume 51
Library 58
Print 60
horizontal line types 60
leger line presence 63
Event lines 65
"GF" shading 66
volume bias factors 68
Scroll vs. zig-zag 73
staves 75
vibrato (modulation) 78
resolution combinations of staves 82
"specs" 84
chromatic semitone scales 99
polyphonic example 106, 107, 110
zig-zag Print in 4 track resolutions 106, 108, 109
vertical lines 111
Cheater Grid 113
"NOW" line 115
MIDI mode 116
TEACH mode 130
Grammatical Assembler (134)
transpose a01
step edit a02
drum notation a03
LightPen vs Mouse a12
continuous controllers a12
LightPen pitch input a20
"NOW" line data scan a21
chromatic semitone vs continuous input a22
GF note names a26
Silbo Gomero range (Hz) a28
referenced pages c1
volume colors c2
light show c4
vu meters c5





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