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Film Proposal

"SILBO GOMERO: Gomera's Whistling Language"
(working title)


This documentary explores the history of the phenomenal whistling language native to the island that was Columbus' very last port of call before his discovery of the Americas in 1492.
(Violence Rating: excessive/not for younger viewers)

To commemorate Columbus Year (1992), this video-monograph investigates the SILBO GOMERO whistling language and its history in an in-depth, but entertaining manner; and also offers many practical uses, in the electronic future of the 21st century, for this ancient means of communication via whistling.

The island of Gomera (Canary Islands, Spain) is, scenically, one of the most beautiful and exotic places in the world, and although the Silbo Gomero whistling language is an exclusively audio phenomenon, the intrigue and action of this island's story (occupying such a crucial spot in world history) makes a sound film about Gomera the best, if not the only, way to capture the full experience.

Designed to appeal to anyone interested in Columbus, Travel, Music, Languages, and especially to all who are capable of Whistling, this film is only intended to last 22.5 mins. (however, with the wealth of historical anecdotes given here it could theoretically be expanded to an hour special or feature film), and will be shot in sound and color. Voice-over narration, lip-synchronized dialog, and synchronized whistling will be used.

A new form of musical notation developed by GF-Communications Co. especially designed for representing the Gomeran whistling language will be used to illustrate the whistled communications' contours and nuances throughout the film.

Due to the need to preserve historical accuracy and integrity, some scenes may be more expensive to produce than others. Also, because of the unique geological nature of the volcanic island of La Gomera, and the phenomena of the whistling language itself, it will be necessary to do some on-location shooting.

The year 1992 will be very big all around, and especially for Spain. Because of the island of Gomera's strong ties to Christopher Columbus, the 500 year anniversary of Admiral Columbus' first transatlantic voyage and discovery of the New World is the most historically fitting time to circulate a film about this tropical paradise and make its famous whistling language accessible to the public.

J. Brent, Dec. 1989


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